The Best GoPro Mount For Hiking (10 Great Options)

In order to pick the best GoPro mount for hiking you need to consider which type of mount or harness is going to be the most comfortable and suitable to you. I’ve researched and listed the best options on Amazon for each different type of harness.

On a hike there will be a lot of jostling around so you will want something that is sturdy and fixed to your body. Also think about your comfort and choose a hiking mount for your GoPro that won’t be a nuisance to wear.

There are several ways to mount your GoPro on yourself for hiking that could work perfect for you. Your chest, shoulder, head, or on your backpack are going to be your best options. Paired with the right GoPro model (see below) and other accessories these mounts will make hiking with a GoPro a pleasure.

Some tips for hiking with a GoPro

  • take spare batteries or a USB charger
  • bring extra memory cards
  • keep it recording the whole hike, you can edit stuff out and get pics from the video later
  • don’t just bring one GoPro mount, taking multiple mounts gives you more options
  • make sure and turn on the image stabilization setting
  • try to talk in your video, someone might watch it and enjoy you pointing things out

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Top 3 Picks

Best backpack clip

Sametop Quickclip

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Sametop Chest Mount

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Best head strap mount

AmazonBasics Head Mount

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Looking for an inexpensive but good quality GoPro alternative? Skip to the bottom of the page.

Best GoPro wrist mount for hiking

GoPro Hand + Wrist Strap (GoPro Official Mount)

This hand and wrist mount is an official mount from GoPro. Having your GoPro mounted on your wrist allows you to get a ton of different POVs and this one works great in the water. It’s a little pricier than the others on this list but if you’re looking for a mount for your hand/wrist then this is a great choice.

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Best GoPro shoulder mount harnesses for hiking

STUNTMAN Pack Mount – Shoulder Strap Mount for Action


**Best shoulder harness mount for GoPro**

This one Amazon labeled “Amazon’s Choice”. It’s rated at 4.7 stars and the reviews are pretty great. It is a good bit pricier than the previous shoulder harness but with higher quality that is to be expected. It will stay stable and the customer support is good as well. This is an excellent choice for a Gopro shoulder harness.

Consider getting the Sametop Backpack Clip (below) in addition to this to give you 2 great options.


  • high quality
  • stable during movement
  • great customer service
  • no 1 star reviews


  • 1 report of shaky video while bike riding

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Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount Harness for GoPro

This GoPro shoulder harness very inexpensive. It has pretty decent reviews so if you are looking to spend as little as possible this would be the one. However you know the old saying you get what you pay for. If you are looking for some of a little bit higher quality that will last longer then maybe go with the one below.


  • very inexpensive
  • 4 stars average reviews
  • comfortable and adjustable (up for debate)


  • camera may move around a lot
  • reports of not fitting slightly above average size male (very tight)
  • overall quality

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Best GoPro backpack mount for hiking

Sametop Replacement Backpack Strap Mount Quick Clip

**Best backpack clip mount for GoPro**

This has many of the same features as the Nomadic Gear Clip. These backpack clips are meant for non-impact activities such as walking and hiking which is what makes them great for a hike. Certainly not limited to backpacks, you can clip this onto a variety of other things.


  • sturdy
  • quick release
  • great reviews


  • again, can be hard to open however I see this as a good thing but some reviewers disagree

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Nomadic Gear Backpack Clip mount with 360′ Rotary Mount

This one clips right to your backpack and can rotate 360 degrees. Well made and compatible with all GoPro models. Very sturdy and there is no need to wear any kind of harness because your backpack acts a one. A solid choice for hiking.


  • well made, good quality
  • very sturdy
  • strong clip


  • very stiff and clip may be hard to open (this is kind of a pro to me)

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Best GoPro chest mounts for hiking

Sametop Replacement GoPro Chest Mount Harness

According to the description this chest harness is compatible with GoPro 1 and above, Hero 4 to 6, and GoPro Session. It has great reviews and would be a great choice for a chest harness. It’s nothing too fancy but for a GoPro chest mount, it should get the job done. Just take a look at the pros and cons. It did have one con against it to consider.


  • adjustable – can fit a larger person
  • affordable


  • plastic clips may not be durable and prone to breaking according to some reviewers, possibly causing your GoPro to fall off

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AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness for GoPro cameras

Now being that this is an Amazon Basics brand it’s no surprise that this is “Amazon’s Choice” for GoPro chest harnesses. Since it’s fully adjustable it fits an assortment of body types and sizes. Amazon Basics brand items are usually well made but there are several reports of the fragile clips again so watch out for that.


  • compatible with all GoPro models
  • adjustable
  • great price
  • comfortable


  • more reports of breaking plastic clips

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GoPro Performance Chest Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

**Best chest harness mount for GoPro**

This is official mount made by GoPro and when something is made by the original manufacturer with the product in mind then you are most likely going to get the best quality. It is more than twice the price of the others but I for one would be willing to pay extra for the piece of mind.

This one is comfortable, durable with no reports of cheap plastic clips, great for all manner of activities including but not limited to dirt-biking, skiing, surfing, snow mobiles and yes hiking! High quality product from a quality brand.


  • made by the manufacturer
  • fully adjustable
  • fits all GoPro models
  • best reviews with 4.5 stars


  • a handful of customers were sent the wrong product and gave 1 star reviews, this seems to have been the only knock on this product

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Best GoPro head strap mounts for hiking

AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro

**Best head strap mount for GoPro**

On to the head strap mounts. This one is another Amazon Basics brand and again is Amazon’s Choice. It is compatible with all GoPro models, is one size fits all, and has great reviews. Did I mention it’s less than 8 bucks? For a head strap mount I’d just grab this one and make it easy.


  • 4.5 stars
  • very inexpensive
  • stable
  • comfortable


  • reports of thumb screw issues
  • didn’t fit people with smaller heads

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ASOCEA Elastic Adjustable Head Strap Mount

Another solid choice for a head strap. Personally I would go with the Amazon Basics brand, it’s the number one seller for a reason, but these 2 are very similar minus the anti-slide feature.


  • inexpensive
  • good rating
  • anti-slide to help stability


  • reports of not staying on head well despite the anti-slide

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Looking for an inexpensive GoPro alternative?

Akaso EK7000 Action Camera

Here’s an option from AKASO to look at that has a great accessories kit for cheap and comes with several mounts. It’s no GoPro by any means but it’s a solid alternative if you want to hold off a little longer before dropping $400 on a GoPro (they’re worth every penny by the way). Check out the reviews on the AKASO though, insanely popular on Amazon

Still not seeing what you want or want another option?

This selfie stick for GoPro from Amazon is great for tossing in your backpack on a hike. It also doubles as a tripod and will work with an iPhone or point and shoot digital camera.

Now that I have provided you with several options it’s time to make a decision. Luckily most of these are pretty inexpensive and you can probably afford to try out a couple to see what works best for you. I personally, like the idea of having a GoPro on my chest or clipped to my backpack.

If I were already wearing a helmet for say rock climbing or skydiving, then sure a head mount may be the way to go. On your shoulder, you might see it in your peripheral vision reminding you that it’s there. Additionally it may not be as sturdy as it would be strapped to your chest.

On a dog that would certainly be fun, but you can’t really control what your dog looks at. He’d be all over the place and might miss out on some cool sights that you would have been looking at. Now if your goal is to see through the eyes of a dog then yes I think that it’s a great idea and is very cool to see. Just in case you’re interested in one of these dog GoPro mounts, you can find the GoPro Fetch on Amazon.

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