Best Throwing Tomahawk For Beginners

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Axe throwing is something that has really become popular in recent years. There are axe throwing leagues and even a new company that allows you to have axe throwing birthday parties! If you are reading this I’m assuming you are looking to get started with axe throwing. I’ve done the research for you and am listing my top pick below along with some helpful videos to get you started.

SOG Tomahawk Throwing Hatchets 3 Pack

This 3 pack from SOG is a great choice for any beginner new to the world of axe or tomahawk throwing. You get a 3-pack of quality stainless steel throwing tomahawks for the price that you may only get one in some cases. Each perfectly balanced tomahawk weighs just over a pound at 18.6 oz. They are perfect for beginners or advanced throwers alike and come with a limited lifetime warranty from SOG.

They are small, lightweight, come with a sheath that holds all of them, and fun for a whole day of throwing. If you still aren’t convinced I’ve added a video review below (credit to Ed Teune). Ed does a quick and thorough review followed by some throwing action. Additionally I have added a quick 1 minute Youtube video on how to throw a tomahawk courtesy of the HatchetsAndAxes Youtube channel.

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Review on SOG throwing tomahawks

Quick start on how to throw a tomahawk


Where should I throw my new tomahawks?

Well you have a few options here. You can certainly start out just throwing into a tree or a block of wood like the videos above, and that will work fine! You can eventually buy or even build your own professional knife and axe throwing target. If you are handy enough and have the tools then check out the video below that walks you through how to build your own target.

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