How to Throw a Knife Straight

Straight or no spin throwing refers to a form of knife throwing where the knife does not rotate end over end during its flight to the target. This form of knife throwing is almost always instinctual.

Rotational, or spin throwing is easier for a beginner to learn and is from a fixed distance. This method may be easier for beginners to learn, expect more of a learning curve if jumping straight into a non rotational knife throw.

It’s all in the grip, stance, throwing motion, and release. Be prepared for a lot of misses and failures at first until you get used to the new throwing style.

Take a look at this video below where Adam demonstrates how to throw a knife no spin.

How to grip the knife for a no spin throw

A straight, no spin throw is going to have a modified grip from your standard rotational throw. As you can see from this video, the index finger rests on the spine of the knife and the handle is held between the thumb and the middle finger.


Get your stance right

Keep your body relaxed and stand up straight. If you are right handed stand with your right foot in front of you and left foot slightly behind you. Vice versa if you are left handed.


The throw and release

Normally the no spin throw begins behind your head, but don’t let that disturb your stance as you throw. Your feet and knees should stay firmly in place as you throw. Keep your eyes on the target and in a whip like motion, throw the knife.

You will want to release the knife a bit early, just before the end of the throwing motion. As you are doing so you will want to use your index finger to guide the blade towards the target. Instinctive knife throwing is not easy and hard to explain on paper. Try not to get too discouraged, you will very likely not get this right on the first try… or the tenth. Just keep at it and be safe.

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