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34 Night Hike Activities For Your Next Nocturnal Outing

While day time is the typical time for a hike, there are times when someone might like to go for a night hike. Obviously anything too strenuous should be avoided for safety issues, but a simple walk through the woods with the proper night hiking gear should be fine. Just never go alone and always keep safety in mind. So what do we even do on a night hike, you can’t see anything. In this article I thought I’d list out some night hike activities for you to consider on your next nocturnal hiking outing.

Night hike activities

When hiking with kids or in groups, you may want to have some night hiking activities lined up for the group. I haven’t tried any of the ones listed below myself so I’m not quite sure what they all are, but some do sound very familiar.

I did do some research and there are tons of ideas out there. Here’s a list of night hiking activities, and a simple Google search will bring up loads more. I’ll also quickly list out some that I found.

Additional sources for night hiking activities: fcgov.com, earthrangers.org, wolf-ridge.org, youthwork-practice.com, goingwild.net. Each of the below activities can be found in one of these links.

  1. Baby bat search
  2. Mom’s voice
  3. Nose lickers
  4. Fading colors
  5. Raccoon food
  6. Silent owl wings
  7. Sounds of the night
  8. Animal ears
  9. Nocturnal Menagerie
  10. Rock On – rub quartz together to make flash of light and smell
  11. Latitude
  12. Night owl
  13. Bioluminescence
  14. Spider eyes
  15. Legend of the stars
  16. Insect ID
  17. What’s up DOC?
  18. Bat/Moth game
  19. Animal calling
  20. Stop at a campsite and build a fire
  21. Map constellations
  22. 3 sticks
  23. Capture the treasure
  24. Smugglers game
  25. Hide and seek tapping sticks
  26. Outdoor adventure games
  27. Camp attack or flag robbery
  28. Attack – defend
  29. Treasure hunt
  30. A night in the woods
  31. Rope Walks
  32. Glow stick tracking
  33. Torch tag
  34. Capture the flag
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