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5 State Parks In Michigan With Camping

Michigan boasts at least 100 state parks with over with 14,100 campsites in 142 campgrounds and over 900 miles (1,400 km) of trails. In addition to that Michigan has 3,288 miles of freshwater shoreline, more than any other state except Alaska. This makes for some beautiful scenery and camping opportunities. In this article we’ll talk about 10 beautiful state parks in Michigan with camping for you to enjoy.

5 State parks in Michigan with camping

As I mentioned above, Michigan over 140 campgrounds within its state parks. We can’t cover all of them in just one article, but I did handpick 5 of the best campgrounds in Michigan for you to consider for your next camping expedition.


1. Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Tahquamenon Falls State Park by Wpwatchdog | CC 3.0


  • Falls/Group Use Area – 50 sites
  • Lower Falls Campgrounds – 188 sites
  • Rivermouth Pines/Semi-Modern/Rustic – 136 sites
  • Lodge – $126/night
  • Pines Camper Cabin – $68 – $72/night

Tahquamenon Falls State Park offers a wide range of camping opportunities for you to choose from from tent camping to RV camping. The facilities are very clean and it’s in a prime location along the shores of Lake Superior and near the Tahquamenon River. The park has waterfalls that are within walking distance of the campsites and there are several hiking trails as well. Tahquamenon is but one of the beautiful state parks with camping in Michigan. There’s conflicting info about the exact number of campsites in the park, but they have many different options.

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2. Ludington State Park

Ludington State Park by John Anes – CC 2.0


  • Pines – (99 sites) $25 (semi-modern); $33 (20/30 amp), $37 (50 amp) or $25/$29 (off-season); $49 (mini cabin)
  • Cedar – (106 sites) $25 (semi-modern); $33 (20/30 amp), $37 (50 amp) or $25/$29 (off-season); $49 (mini cabin); $17 rustic in off-season
  • Beechwood – (147 sites) $25 (semi-modern); $33 (20/30 amp), $37 (50 amp) or $25/$29 (off-season); $49 (mini cabin)  description

While in a great location, these family-friendly campgrounds can get very crowded in the peak season. There’s a stretch of beach on Lake Michigan as well as on Lake Hamlin where you can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats. Along with some nice beaches, Ludington has excellent hiking trails and a nice little general store for campers. At Ludington you’ve got clean restrooms, sand dunes, beaches, and an overall beautiful state park.

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3. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park


  • Winter camping (Oct. 15-May 14)
  • Reservations (May 15 through October 14)
  • Union Bay Modern 20/30 AMP Campsite – $28 per night
  • Presque Isle Rustic – $17 per night
  • Union River Outpost Rustic Camping – $17 per night
  • Lost Creek Outpost Rustic Campsite – $17 per night
  • White Pine Extension Outpost Campsite – $17 per night
  • Backcountry Camping – $15 per night (63 sites)
  • Backcountry Cabin – $68 per night
  • Backcountry Yurt – $68 per night
  • Kaug Wudjoo Lodge – $200 per night
  • Group Use Area – $20 per night

Located in Upper Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park offers a host of options for camping including many backcountry sites. You’ve also got some of the best hiking trails in Michigan and arguably the beautiful views and scenery in the state. The Porcupine Outpost is located near the Union Bay Campground if you want to stay near the general store.

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4. Hartwick Pines State Park

Bright Lake, Hartwick Pines State Park by dailyinvention | CC 2.0


  • Group Use Area – Rustic Site, Vault Toilet
  • 100 campsites total
  • Sites with electric are $30 per night
  • Premium sites with sewer, water, and electric run $38/night
  • 1 Rustic Cabin  – $68/night
  • 1 pop-up camper – $58/night

Hartwick Pines State Park has 100 campsites for your camping pleasure and has two lakes with some of the best views in Michigan. The campsites are large, private, and the facilities are well-maintained, clean, with modern restrooms. In addition to the nice campground, there is also plenty of hiking trails as well as recreation areas.

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5. Tawas Point State Park

Tawas Point State Park by Chris Light | CC 3.0


  • 210 campsites – $33 per night
  • Amenities: Electrical Service, Modern Restrooms, Playground
  • Tawas Bay – 1 cabin, $90/night
  • Fox Den- 1 cabin, $90/night
  • Mini cabins (2) – $52/night
  • Tawas Point Yurt: Open April-November – $68/night

Tawas Bay is a very popular state park in Michigan and the campgrounds can get quite crowded in the peak season so be sure to book in advance (link at the bottom of page). Aside from that, Tawas is a beautiful state park with beaches to enjoy on the shores of Lake Huron. There’s also a cool lighthouse and lighthouse store where you can buy supplies, gifts and ice cream.

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