Gifts For Golfers Who Have Everything (25 Ideas)

Some golfers, who can afford it, will buy whatever they need or want for their hobby as they want it. It can make it hard to get them gifts for their favorite past-time when they already have everything. I’ve been through this, my Dad is a big golfer and has almost everything already. But somethings he doesn’t know about or even know he needs.

So don’t worry, you’ve got options. You just have to think outside the box a little, or buy them something they haven’t already bought themselves. In this list we take a look at 25 gift ideas for golfers who have everything to try and help you find a great gift for the golfer in your life.

Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking, Preloaded Courses, Black

1. Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch

Help him take a few strokes off of his game with the Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch. This is by far the best value for a Golf GPS watch on the market. Some of these from Garmin are $400 or more but this one is affordable for most people and doubles as everyday watch.

The battery will easily last 3-4 rounds of golf before it needs charging again, it tracks your steps to let you know how far you are from the hole, and also shows the locations of all hazards. It’s still a bit of an investment but any serious golfer would love to have one of these babies!


  • has more than 40,000 golf courses with automatic map updates
  • measures and records shot distances
  • receives notifications for calls, texts, and emails

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Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

2. Practice Putting Green

This practice putting green is the best putting aid ever! Roll it out right in the living room and practice putting while watching a golf tournament on TV. For this price range of golf gifts you won’t do much better, any golf enthusiast would love this thing!

Many practice putting greens similar to this will run well over $200 but you can get this one at just a fraction of the price and use the extra money to buy something else for your golf lover. This one is a no brainer.


  • 9 feet long by 3 feet wide
  • 3 practice holes
  • non-skid backing
  • rolls out nice and smooth with no wrinkles

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TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - with Battery

3. Rangefinder

If you want to really to accurately track distances down to just a few yards then a proper laser rangefinder like this one is the way to go. This VPRO500 Laser Rangefinder from TecTecTec measures up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode and is accurate within just 1 yard.

This rangefinder fits right in your golf bag and will quickly become one of the most used tools in any golfer’s arsenal. It can help you improve strategic decisions on the course and your overall golf game. The price is on par (hehe) with that of the Garmin GPS watch above but it is much more accurate in tracking distances. This is an awesome rangefinder and any golfer would love it. But don’t take my word for it, just check out the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.


  • returns yardage almost instantly
  • light, small, and weatherproof
  • highly accurate
  • great price compared to other rangefinders
  • excellent clarity and magnification

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Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

4. Chippo – Golf Meets Cornhole

As the name suggest, Chippo brings cornhole and golf together making a game that’s great for parties and get togethers just about anywhere. Chippo started on Kickstarter in 2017 and was wildly successful there raising over $230k from 1230 backers. From there it went viral on on social media with the help of several large media websites and that was that.

The great part is you don’t have to be good at golf or even know the rules to join in the fun with Chippo. If your spouse or significant other is a big golfer and you aren’t but would like to be a small part of that world with them, then Chippo is a great way to start. You’ll both have a blast and won’t have to take anything too seriously. It makes a great gift for golfers and one that you can join in on too!


  • work on your short game in your backyard
  • great for get togethers
  • fun for everyone, kids included
  • comes with 2 boards, golf balls, and carrying case
  • very high quality boards made of a durable and lightweight plastic

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JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

5. Collapsible Chipping Net

A chipping net will also help your short game, but it’t not for parties and fun. This collapsible chipping net is inexpensive and can easily be folded up and stowed away when not in use. If you have a large yard then 2-3 of these set in strategic places is ideal. Hit 40-50 balls a day and watch your chipping game improve in no time!

A perfect gift for your golf loving husband or boyfriend that they’ll be sure to love. If you wanted to spend a little more money and get them something a little bit nicer then pick up the the putting green (#2 on this list) as a great compliment to this chipping net.


  • perfect size at about the size of a folding chair
  • very sturdy and well made
  • easy to set up
  • can folded up for easy transport and used anywhere
  • priced very well for what you get

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Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel | Club Groove Cleaner Brush | Foldable Divot Tool with Magnetic Ball Marker (Black w/red Towel/Brush/Bone Divot)

6. Golf Kit With Towel/Brush/Divot Tool

In this handy golf bag toolkit you’ll get 3 of any golfer’s most used tools. A golf towel, a club brush, and a divot tool. The divot tool is foldable and fits right into your pocket. Additionally, it pops open like a switchblade and the press of a button making it functional and a fun fidget to play with in your hand.

This combo toolkit makes a great stocking stuffer and one that you don’t have to think about too much because pretty much anyone into golf can get some use out of it.


  • kit comes with golf towel, two sided club brush, and foldable divot tool
  • towel and brush clip to your bag
  • quality items at a low price make them great gifts for golfers

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Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls

7. Personalized Titleist Golf Balls

Get him some golf balls monogrammed with his name so he never gets his confused with his golfing buddies again! These are top of the line Titleist golf balls and you can add 3 lines of text to them at checkout. You can add something cute and funny, a quote of some type, or simply his name. Not only is this a very useful and practical gift for any golfer, but the personalization it adds a nice touch and makes it more special.


  • comes with 12 personalized Titleist golf balls
  • new casing layer for more ball speed
  • add 3 lines of text with a max 17 characters on each line

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TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Red Putter (Center Shaft, Right Hand, 35 Inches, with Sightline)

8. Taylormade Spider Putter

This is the Spider Putter from Taylormade and it is fantastic! Amazon reviewers rave about this putter, just take a look at the reviews. Not only will this putter help cut a few strokes off of his golf game, but will make him the envy of all his friends! We don’t have to understand all of the technical details and complex construction of this masterpiece, just read the reviews of all the golfers who got this exact putter as a gift are absolutely in love with it… a great gift for the golfer in your life.


  • made of lightweight aluminum core paired with a stainless steel frame
  • movable weight technology to match the desired head weight
  • used by pros such as Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson
  • overall amazing putter that will help anyone’s putting game

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Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle | 10x7ft Haack Golf Net | Tri Turf Hitting Mat | Carry Bag | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids | by SEC Coach Chris Haack

9. Golf Practice Net

This practice net can be easily set up just about anywhere including your backyard or even your garage if you have the room. It’s great for beginners or someone who’s been golfing for years. It only takes about 5 minutes to assemble and is well worth the price.

So we’ve got some things on this list to help your putting, your chipping, and now your overall swing. Compared to other similar products, this one is really hands down the best choice even though it costs a little bit more.


  • Endorsed by SEC coach Chris Haack
  • Lightweight and portable making for a fast and easy setup/breakdown
  • Comes with nice carrying bag
  • Made of high quality material and comes with a lifetime warranty to back it up

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FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Foldable Cover, Waterproof Non Slip Bottom, Straps, Cargo Storage (2 Compartments, Grey)

10. Trunk Golf Organizer

Whether you’re a golfer yourself or simply someone lives with a golfer, you know that golfers carry around a lot of stuff. Aside from the golf bag, you have golf shoes, socks, gloves, extra balls, tees, an umbrella, towels, and on and on. A lot of people just throw everything in their trunk or backseat, and while that does work and get it from A to B wouldn’t it be nice to have everything neat and organized in one spot? Of course it would be. That’s where this organizer comes in.

It holds all of these things, keeps them organized and safely secured. And you don’t have to use it for golf gear either, when the golfer in the family isn’t using it it can be used to take the kids baseball gear back and forth to games or even for groceries. It’s a great all purpose trunk organizer that makes a great gift for not only a golfer but really anyone who has to cart things to and from home, which is pretty much everyone that drives.


  • Multipurpose trunk organizer can be used for just about anything
  • Heavy duty design is built to last
  • Comes with 2 compartments or 3
  • Combination of low price, high quality, and versatility makes it a good gift for anyone

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Home-it Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer golf organizer rack

11. Home Golf Organizer

Here’s another golf gear organizer, but this one is for your home. A golf bag and clubs can take up a lot of room in your closet so why not get this and put it in the garage or storage room? It holds 2 golf bags, has 4 shelves, and plenty of other spots to hang stuff. If you are already keeping golf bags and accessories in the garage, never worry about knocking them over and making a mess again. This organizer will keep everything neat and tidy like it should be! Great gift idea and well worth the money. (It’s also a gift for whoever keeps the house nice and tidy)


  • Holds two golf bags and has 4 shelves
  • Measures 39-inches wide, 36-inches high and 16-inches deep
  • Easy to assemble and made of a long lasting and durable steel

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Custom Engraved Golf Tournament Flask, 6 oz Black Stainless Steel Flasks With Personalized Engraving Prime

12. Custom Engraved Flask

We all know that many golfers like to have a drink out on the course. This custom engraved flask slips right into any golf bag and can hold up to 6 oz of his favorite adult beverage in it. This makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any golfer that’s over the age of 21.


  • Holds 6 oz
  • 4 custom engraving areas, up to 15 characters for each
  • Quality made, makes a great gift

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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick, 40 Inch

13. Golf Swing Warm-up Stick

This little training aid can be used inside so grab one for home or the office, or both. It fits right into your bag so you can be swinging it on the course while waiting for your turn at the tee. It’s great for muscle memory and perfecting your swing. This tool will train your body and mind with the correct way to swing the club which will carry over to your actual golf game. Just another fun golf training add to add to this list.


  • Helps develop better mechanics and more power
  • Durable, strong, and made to last
  • Makes a great warm-up tool

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PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting (White)

14. Pressure Putt Trainer

For the low price point, it’s truly one of the best putting aids you can get to knock a couple of strokes off of your game. It’s a quality made product composed of elastomer and translucent polycarbonate that can be used almost anywhere. The way it’s designed, it simulates putting into a real hole and will return the ball if it isn’t hit just perfectly. Click over to Amazon below and take a look at the short video to see how it works.


  • Designed to simulate putting into a real hole
  • Folds up and fits into a golf bag
  • One of the best putting trainers for the price anywhere

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adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Iron Metallic/White, 10.5 M US

15. Golf Shoes

The Tech Response golf shoes by Adidas are some of the most comfortable and lightweight golf shoes you can get on Amazon and the reviews will back that up. You could by golf shoes from other big name brands for triple the price of these and not get the comfort and support that these will provide. For the low price, you can afford to take a calculated risk on these golf shoes. Chances are, he’ll absolutely adore them. Just make sure you get the right size.


  • 6-spike configuration with thintech low-profile technology for improved traction and stability
  • Lightweight mesh and synthetic upper for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Soft eva insole for lightweight comfort and cushioning

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FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White Large, Worn on Left Hand

16. Golf Gloves

One of the most practical golfing gifts, some golf gloves. these gloves are from Foot Joy who is known for making some of the best golf gloves around and these are no exception. Add this in with some of the other lower priced golfer gift ideas, like the towel/tool kit or flask, and you’ve got a nice golfer’s gift basket. Or they’ll make for a great stand alone stocking stuffer.


  • Made of a breathable mesh/synthetic leather
  • Great fit and durability
  • Secure grip

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G4Free 68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas(Black)

17. Golf Umbrella

A good umbrella is something that every golfer needs in his bag. It’s just one of those things that you shouldn’t go out on the course without because it will inevitably rain on you at some point. A light sprinkle may not be enough to send you running back to the clubhouse if you’ve got a nice umbrella like this one. This particular umbrella is of course waterproof, windproof, as well as sun-proof with a SPF 50+ protection.


  • Opens and closes super fast
  • 68 inch oversized canopy
  • Hardened steel frame is virtually windproof
  • 100% money back guarantee and to quote the manufacturer, “lasts a lifetime”

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Oakley Men's OO9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses, Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized, 62 mm

18. Oakley sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses is another item that every golfer needs. I have owned this exact pair of Oakleys for about 10 years now. The lenses are finally getting scratched up after being dropped a hundred times and my kids constantly playing with them, but the frames are still like new. Because of the easily replaceable lenses I can just swap them out every 10 years and they’re like a brand new pair of glasses. Oakleys are really some of the best golfing sunglasses around, I recommend these to everyone.


  • Stress-resistant frame is lightweight & durable
  • Lenses offer top UV protection
  • Interchangeable lens system

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WINNERSPIRIT Real Swing 300, Golf Swing Training Aid, True Impact, The Path to Confirm, Height Adjustable, Sturdy Construction, Swing Trainer, Portable, Made in South Korea

19. Golf Swing Trainer

Use your irons or woods with this golf swing training aid. Unlike some of the other golf swing aids you see, you are actually hitting a ball with this one so it’s  lot more realistic. Because the ball is attached to the spinner, you don’t need a net to catch it and you can hit it over and over again. If you click over to Amazon you can check out the short video showing how it works.


  • Use irons and woods
  • For left or right handed golfers
  • Use it anywhere you have the room to swing a club

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Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

20. Putting Mirror

This simple training aid uses a mirror to help you line up your puts and get into the habit of having a much straighter put which will in turn, give you a better putting game. This is just an inexpensive golf aid that’s great as a small gift for the golfer looking to improve his putting game a little bit. And that includes every golfer, even the pros are constantly trying to improve their putting whether by technique alone or by using different equipment like the Spider putter above.


  • Mirror helps you put straighter
  • Portable
  • Price is right for a small gift

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1000 Count Professional Bamboo Golf Tees 2-3/4 inch - Free Poker Chip Ball Marker - Stronger Than Wood Tees Biodegradable & Less Friction PGA Approved

21. Bamboo Golf Tees

Add these to the golfer’s gift basket you can create with this list of golfer gifts. These aren’t terribly fancy but they are high quality golf tees, something that you can never have too many of like golf balls. They’re super cheap and would make a great stocking stuffer.


  • PGA professional approved bamboo golf tees
  • Free poker chip ball marker
  • Much stronger than standard wood tees

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Victorinox Swiss Army GolfTool Pocket Knife with Pouch, Ruby

22. Golf Tool Swiss Army Knife

This little tool will be used over and over again every time he goes golfing. It’s a high quality tool made by a company known for their great products and customer service,  Victorinox. The tools included are:

  1. One-Hand Locking Divot Repair Tool
  2. Ball Marker
  3. Tee Punch with
  4. Groove Cleaner
  5. Bottle Opener
  6. Nail File
  7. Blade
  8. Tweezers
  9. Toothpick
  10. Scissors


  • 10 different functions
  • Fits in your pocket or bag
  • Victorinox Swiss Army make top of the line golf tools

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First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case

23. First Aid Kit

Not so much golf specific, but something that is good to have in a golf bag. It’s one of those things you hope you never need, but great to have if you do. A cut or scrape that starts bleeding doesn’t have to be the end of your golf day if you can get the right kind of bandage on it quickly enough.


  • First aid kit in zipper pouch
  • 299 pieces
  • Fits in golf bag

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PINMEI 2 Sets of Golf Ball Markers with Magnetic Golf Hat Clips, American Flag and Eagle

24. Golf Ball Markers

Dedicated ball markers aren’t for everyone, a lot of people just use a dime or small coin. However if you want a ball marker that will stand out and not look like everyone else’s then consider these. You can clip these right to your hat, belt, or shirt. The marker and clip are both magnetized to easily keep them together when you want or remove it when in use.


  • Magnetic ball marker
  • Attaches to magnetic clip that can go on your hat or belt
  • Comes with two clips and two markers

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Team Golf NFL Philadelphia Eagles Embroidered Golf Towel, Checkered Scrubber Design, Embroidered Logo

25. Golf Towel With NFL Team Logo

Is he also a big NFL fan? These simple golf towels come with the logo of all NFL teams and will clip right to his golf bag. Support your favorite team while on the golf course!


  • 16″ x 22″ tri-fold embroidered towel
  • Towel is 100% cotton
  • Features team logo and lettering

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